My dip in creativity

I’ve been struggling more than usual to write anything creative. I’ve even been struggling to keep up with my book instagram account. I haven’t read a book in weeks, I haven’t written a short story in months and months. I have no motivation and my ability to enjoy things seems to have dwindled. These activities … More My dip in creativity


This blog started as somewhere to post my creative writing but my short stories quickly became outnumbered by mental health posts. But the two are linked! I’ve always had a very active imagination, make believe was my favourite game as a kid. I loved reading and would completely immerse myself in the worlds I found … More Escapism

Sneaky Depression

Sometimes depression creeps up on you when you least expect it. You’re having a normal day and suddenly you feel that wave crash over you. Overwhelming, intense and inexplicable depression. You don’t know what triggered it or what’s feeding it; all you know is that you are suddenly consumed by hopelessness and loneliness and anxiety. … More Sneaky Depression

Things you shouldn’t say to someone with a mental illness.

Inspired by my new “You know what I hate” series, because there are just so many classic phrases that sufferers of mental illness hear all too often. The following statements have all been said to me and miraculously I didn’t punch any of these people. Other people have it worse than you do Happiness is … More Things you shouldn’t say to someone with a mental illness.

You’re not special

You don’t think you’re special, because why would you? You are so used to everything about you; the way you think, your attitude, your intelligence, your outlook. It’s ordinary to you. Everyone thinks like that, why would you presume otherwise? You’ve been this way your entire life. And granted the nature of “ordinary” and “average” … More You’re not special